Sunday, January 31, 2010

Speaking of Public Service

My daddy, Mortimer T. Hooch, has a philosophy about the value of public service. He said "If they got paid their real value to the country, the line soldiers would the the guys in the six and seven figure range. Senators and Representatives would get minimum wage, and congressional aides would get $5 per hand-job."

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Public Disservants

picture of wormsAn excerpt from The Flyover Bug Entomology by Gen. Myron T. Hooch (ret.)

There are millions of useful, productive, and valuable public servants throughout our country. Military, law enforcement, emergency services, teachers, infrastructure guys--hell, even a few politicians. Then we've got the grub worms.

These scumbags are the people who are going to be the death of this country, I can guaran-damn-tee it.

I'm talking about the people who get jobs with the regulatory agencies like the SEC, IRS, EPA, and more other freakin' alphabet agencies than you can stuff into an ocean full of soup, with a parasitic ulterior motive.

I don't mean the thousands of regulatory workers who actually believe in the work they do, I mean the pissants that get a job with one plan. That plan is to learn on-the-job at taxpayer expense, how to circumvent, twist, tangle, and cheat the regulations, then bail to high paying "consulting" jobs in the industries they're supposed to regulate.

Hey, you say, they're just going after the American Dream, right?

Bull Testicles on a red-hot skewer is what I say. These people make tons of YOUR money teaching the shady characters of industry how to take more of YOUR money by tying up our legal systems funded by YOUR money and stuffing more of YOUR money in the already fat wallets of their scumbag lawyers.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More About Fireflies

fireflyAn excerpt from The Flyover Bug Entomology by Gen. Myron T. Hooch (ret.)

The one of the biggest problems we're going to run into in trying to get a handle on things is this group of creatives, these fireflies. Several years ago, we had them contained for the most part, in places like New York and Los Angeles, with a few in Miami and Orlando, not much to speak of in Chicago. Things are changing. Even after we ran most of them out of Colorado in '92, we're finding that they're migrating back. Hell, there have been musicians, writers, artists (like we haven't seen since Boulder in the 60s). Next thing you know, they'll be making movies in Colorado again.

Somehow, we need to get a handle on this, and do it fast. It's difficult to control a group of people spread across the whole damned country.

Writers for crap's sake, and fiction writers at that. Next thing you know everybody will be reading about things that never happened. How're we going to control people then? Well have people actually believing that they can control what's happening to them.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Financial Districts - the Mosquitoes

An excerpt from The Flyover Bug Entomology by Gen. Myron T. Hooch (ret.)

Nothing gets built, nothing gets produced, and nothing gets created. Big mossy green puddles of cash float around in circles and every time it passes by these creatures suck a little bit out. Some of it goes back into the system, while a lot more gets set aside for a millenium's worth of rainy days, much of it in offshore institutions. Sometimes, sucking out just a little bit every time the puddle passes just doesn't seem to be enough. If they stay to long at the same pass of the puddle they grow fat, can't fly, and get squashed.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Creative Types - Fireflies

An excerpt from The Flyover Bug Entomology by Gen. Myron T. Hooch (ret.)

You know who these guys are, you see them everywhere. Writers, artists, actors, you know the lot.
What do they do for the everyday people of the world?
A real problem with these guys is that they are geographically everywhere. Makes it damned hard to keep them under control because it's difficult to just run out and round them all up.
Some of them have proven generally useful in creating the kind of stuff that keeps then general population occupied while the movers and shakers get down to business.
You've got to watch them, you just never know what they might be thinking.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Tension Rises

Throughout the country, tension is rising as a dozen different factions try to determine their best positioning in the power struggles behind the economic collapse. As we travel around the country, we hear dozens of terms to describe "them", "the other side", "the enemy", "those a******s". Most of them seem to equate the members of the opposition to some sort of creepy-crawly insect. So we're copying all of this stuff down in our beat-up old Moleskine journal (been carrying one for years, but still don't write like Hemingway). We're going to be putting up some of those journal entries here over the next few weeks -- or until one side or the other, or the other, or the other -- puts us out of action.

Some military guy by the name of Myron T. Hooch told us over beers at Steady Eddie's in downtown Boulder-Springs, that it was really important that you were able to dehumanize your enemy so you could get your guys to whack 'em. Anyway what he said made sense over a couple of boilermakers. He also told us he had a book in the works about all this, so we built this website as a place to post some excerpts.

Quack ya later.